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O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom

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O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom by Brooms   O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom by FREUDENBERG HOUSEHOLD PDTS LP

Price: $6.98
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on 10-28-2018.

Product description

O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom:

  • Modern broom with Flare-Tip bristle technology to collect fine dust and hair
  • Eco-friendly with bristles made from recycled plastic material
  • Unique design with double-bristle technology with soft grey bristles to sweep fine dust and hair as well as firm black bristles that help clean larger dirt particles
  • Ideal for cleaning corners, along walls and under cabinets
  • Also available with a dust pan (sold separately)


  • Flare-Tip bristle technology to collect fine dust & hair
  • Eco-friendly; bristles made from recycled plastic material

  • What owners of this product are saying
    The O-Cedar Angle broom is very good for getting into tight corners and for brushing off throw rugs. I had an angle broom before and when I went too swept up kitty litter it would through it all over and it was hard to keep it going in the same direction, but this broom makes it so easy to clean up. I like the way the handle fits my hands and it is light weight. When I picked it up I was amazed at how light it felt, but dont let the light weight feel fool you it is a heavy duty worker. It picks up hair really well and the hair doesnt stick in the bristles like it did in my old broom. I really like the way it cleans no matter which direction I sweep. My other broom would lose most of the dirt when I switched directions and I would spend more time resweeping. The only thing that I can think of that it would need improvement on it is the width of the broom head, maybe lower the price and have more choices of color. Otherwise this is a great broom for the price. O-Cedar has done a great job on this broom in my opinion.

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