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Kegco Commercial 3 Keg Beer Dispenser with Single and Dual Faucet Towers

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Kegco Commercial 3 Keg Beer Dispenser with Single and Dual Faucet Towers by Beer Dispensers   Kegco Commercial 3 Keg Beer Dispenser with Single and Dual Faucet Towers by Kegco

Price: $2,204.99
at Home Depot.
on 3-23-2018.

Product description
Boasting an interior large enough to hold 3 full-sized kegs or a combination of smaller kegs, Kegco's XCK-2460S Commercial Kegerator is the ideal keg dispenser for pubs, bars, and restaurants. It utilizes forced air refrigeration to keep your kegs ice cold, as well as blower hoses that direct cold air into each draft tower to cool the beer line all the way to the faucet. The versatile keg cooler comes with 2 heavy-duty adjustable shelves, allowing you to store bottles, cans, and chilled beer mugs on one side while dispensing multiple 5 Gal. kegs on the other side. To make clean-up a breeze, a built-in drip tray catches drips and spills and routes them to an external drain. Featuring an attractive stainless steel interior and exterior and a rubber floor mat that reduces the shock of heavy kegs on the stainless steel floor, the sturdy XCK-2460S has been designed to withstand the demands of commercial use. The cooling unit is serviced from the front of the beer cooler, making this unit suitable for both built-in and freestanding applications. The XCK-2460S can fit up to 3 full size or pony kegs, up to 5 quarter slim kegs, or up to nine 5 Gal. kegs with an external CO2 tank. It comes complete with 2 air-cooled 3 in. Dia draft towers (1 single faucet and 1 dual faucet) but does not include the dispense system, so you will need to provide your own direct draw kit.


  • Large interior can hold up to 2 full size or pony kegs, up to 3 quarter slim kegs, or up to seven 5 Gal. kegs
  • Digital temperature displays and controls make it easy to set the temperature between 31°F and 41°F
  • Forced air refrigeration ensures even cooling throughout the cabinet, and the air cooled tower delivers ice cold beer with every pour
  • Includes 2 heavy-duty adjustable shelves perfect for storing cans and bottles or for keeping beer mugs frosty cold
  • Sturdy steel construction features a smooth black exterior finish and an attractive stainless steel top and is ruggedly built to withstand the rigors of commercial use in both built-in and freestanding applications
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